Our Mission

Web3Samaj is India's first web3 educational mediahouse company that focuses on educating Indian students about web3 and spreading awareness about the ecosystem through newsletter, podcasts, community events and hackathons.

We are building a Samaj (Samaj = Community) to bridge the gap between lack of awareness of web3 and educating people at the same time. We are expanding the realm from a developer focused community to more inclusive community of builders, NFT traders, community managers, Web2 developers, and educators.

Web3Samaj is building on 4 major pillars



India's first homegrown newsletter that focuses on Indian Web3 ecosystem.



Student-led chapters at multiple universities and cities, such as IIT Roorkee, DTU, Manipal, Vellore Institute of technology, and many more. We will be providing resources and support to these uninversities in hosting sessions, hands-on workshops, or hackathon support!


Developers and builders community

We are helping next generation of web2 developers to onboard web3 and build some cool stuff. We also plan to foster rest of the aspiring web3 people, such as founders, NFT traders, DeFi traders, and community managers. At the same time, we are also hosting events in major cities of India, such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, etc.


Decentralized platform

We are building a dApp for our community and early subscribers and supporters will get tokens airdropped directly into their wallets to access this platform! We are glad to have you onboard on our journey, and cannot wait to organize multiple in person events and memories!